Month: April 2019

Student loan: solution to finance your studies

Minerval, housing, textbooks and notebooks, computer… The expenses for the studies of your children can quickly burden your budget. Allowances, scholarships and student jobs only provide you with partial financial

Loans for Professor SP

Loans for Teaching Teachers. Aprofem – São Paulo Municipal Teachers ‘and Employees’ Union in Sao Paulo and Sinpeem – Union of Education Professionals in São Paulo Municipal Education defended teachers

Grouping your loans thanks to a good accompaniment

Good accompaniment? The purchase or regrouping of credit is conceived today as a solution which can allow a household in difficulty to find a better serenity in the management of

Loan for Illiterates

Can Illiterates Make Payroll Loans? Should illiterate loan agreements be signed in a notary’s office? Answer me one thing – Illiterate can have bank account, credit card, bank limit? A