Loans for Professor SP

Loans for Teaching Teachers. Aprofem – São Paulo Municipal Teachers ‘and Employees’ Union in Sao Paulo and Sinpeem – Union of Education Professionals in São Paulo Municipal Education defended teachers against the exclusivity of Banco do Brasil in the granting of payroll loans only by the institution. Today the cause was won and the PMSP-SP City Hall already has about fifteen banks as consignees.  Teacher is a public servant? Course is! Therefore, you have the right to access the various loan lines granted on the payroll, that is, directly discounted on the check or pay stub. Payroll loans for teachers and general staff of the PMSP have been released since July and from there thousands of teachers have already benefited from the new operations.

Who can borrow on the education network?

Who can borrow on the education network?

All active teachers, inactive, inactive and pensioners of the IPREM, school directors, teaching assistants and all other municipal school education employees such as municipal school officials and administrative public servants etc.

With paycheck-deductible loans, municipal public education workers can get credit in cash, even retirees and teachers’ pensioners can get the funding they need.

The current interest rate is fixed from the beginning to the end of the loan agreement, are less than 2.14%. The term of the loan is requested between 12 and 72 equal installments with automatic discount, without the need for monthly tickets or tickets.

The granting of loans to teachers happens even with the presence of debts in the report of the protection organs, with protests, foreclosures, mortgages, credit cards in the rotary and other personal bank loans, all this does not prevent the obtaining of credit.

What about the teachers in the state education network? The Union – Teachers’ Union of the Official Teaching of the State of São Paulo has also defended that more agents of consignment and not only the Bank of Brazil has authorization to grant consignments in the State of São Paulo.

If that happens, we will have another gigantic niche of credit stakeholders, this would open a portfolio of millions and millions of reais in appropriations, and benefit teachers who can no longer borrow because they have no margin.

The teachers of the municipality of São Paulo can now do their refinancing, new loans and debt purchases at any time, now we are going to wait to release the loans for teachers in the State of São Paulo.