Student loan: solution to finance your studies

Minerval, housing, textbooks and notebooks, computer… The expenses for the studies of your children can quickly burden your budget. Allowances, scholarships and student jobs only provide you with partial financial support. Credit is the best way to finance studies. Flexible, loan studies adapt to your needs.

How to finance his studies?

How to finance his studies?

It’s back to school. It’s time to calculate your budget for the school year. One or more of your children are in higher education? Between the minerval, books and equipment, the bus or train subscription, the kot, internships… Studies are quickly very expensive.

To face all these expenses, several possibilities are available to you. Family allowances, back-to-school bonuses, scholarships, odd jobs, student loans, Creditnowe is all about financial aid in Belgium.

Allowances and bonuses

Each year, you are entitled to a back-to-school bonus. This bonus is paid at the same time as your July benefits. The amount varies according to the age of the child. According to L’Echo, you receive as follows:

  • • € 20.81 for children between 0 and 5 years old,
  • • € 44.74 for children from 6 to 11 years old,
  • • € 62.42 for those aged 12 to 17,
  • • € 83.23 for those 18 to 24 years old.

Let’s face it, your family allowances and this annual supplement alone can not cover all your expenses.

School scholarships

Public authorities offer scholarships. These financial aids are calculated according to parents’ income. They generally do not allow to cover all the expenses related to the studies.

Moreover, not everyone can benefit. To obtain a scholarship, you must fulfill many conditions. If you do not fit in the criteria, you will not receive any help.

Student job

To help their parents, many young people take a little job. In Belgium, students can work 475 hours a year, or about 60 days. This work does not solve all the expenses generated by the studies. It also adds to the student an extra charge in his already busy schedule.

Loan studies: a tailor-made solution

Loan studies: a tailor-made solution

Awards, scholarships and student work are therefore not the right solution for the financing of studies. But then, how? Subscribe a credit studies. Flexible and adapted to your needs, it allows you to finance 100% the studies of your children.

What is a student loan?

It is a consumer credit with constant maturities. The interest rate and the amount of the monthly payments remain the same throughout the duration of the loan.

Each month, you repay the same amount: part of the amount borrowed plus interest. For example, you borrow € 10,000 for 48 months at a rate of 5.95%. You repay every month 233,90 €.

The benefits of an education funding

You borrow the amount you need. You can decide to borrow only the amount necessary to pay the price of your child. Or opt for a larger loan that will cover all expenses related to his studies.

Your loan does not distract your child from his studies. Unlike a student job, a loan does not require the student to spend time each month. You are responsible for providing the supporting documents at the time of signing. Then neither you nor your child have anything to do.

The student loan Creditnowe

At Creditnowe, you borrow from 2501 to 100 000 €, with a rate starting from 5.95%. The duration of the credit varies between 24 and 120 months. You choose the amount and duration that suits you best.
Our experts offer you a student loan with no application fee. The repayment plan is designed to fully match your situation.

How to obtain a credit studies?

  • • Visit our online simulator.
  • • Choose the amount and duration you want for your loan.
  • • Fill out the online form.
  • • Within 24 hours, one of our advisors will contact you.
  • • You provide the proof requested (pay slips, invoices…).
  • • Our advisors come back quickly to you with a personalized offer.

Credit at the best rate

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